About the Journey

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Hey there. My name is Joe Maggiore, I’m 17, and I’m a traveler.

I live in Manalapan, New Jersey and I’m the founder and director of an organization called Beats for a Cause (watch some videos too). Over about two years, Beats for a Cause has been able to raise about $1,200 for other charities and non-profit organizations. One non-profit organization in particular is Surgeons of Hope. Surgeons of Hope strives to create a world in which every infant and child with a damaged heart has an equal opportunity to receive life-saving surgery. After donating hundreds of dollars to this organization, it’s my turn to see where the money is going to!

I will be traveling to Managua, Nicaragua and I will be staying there for two weeks. During my solitary stay there, I will be in coordination with Philippe Lerch. I’m excited to see where this journey will take me, and I hope you follow along and live vicariously through my blog! All the pictures and videos that you see on the blog will be provided by yours truly! Enjoy!


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