The video!

Hello everyone!

It’s been months since I last posted from Nicaragua, but I thought I would just give one last post to wrap up the whole journey. As most of you are aware from my previous 14 posts, one of my goals while down at the Cardiac Center was to create a video for Surgeons of Hope to demonstrate what exactly goes on at the Center. To be completely honest, I actually had a blast making this video.

To start, usually when I make videos, I almost exclusively make them on iMovie because I am by¬†no means a professional videographer or film maker, so iMovie has always been what I needed. BUT. I felt adventurous this time around. I used Adobe Premiere! If you aren’t familiar with anything I’m saying, just know that Adobe Premiere is what the big time grown ups use. So yeah, now I’m a big time grown up. It took some time for me to get used to Premiere. It’s totally different from iMovie and it took a while for me to realize how many options I now have when making a video. I’m really glad I switched to the grown up side of making videos though. I can see myself using it again especially if I’m looking for some more creative leeway.

So my other challenge for making this video was my usage of music. For this video I had to make sure that all my usages for any song had appropriate rights added on. So for example, if I ever wanted to use “Applause” by Lady Gaga for a video, I would’ve needed to contact Lady Gaga and make sure she was okay with me using the song. Lady Gaga also would’ve wanted a nice huge royalty fee in order for me to use this. So I had some options when making this video. (1) I could use creative commons music which is free to the public or (2) I could go down the Lady Gaga route and have to get rights from the music artist. I ended up going with both options. But of course, I wasn’t using Lady Gaga’s music.

As for the creative commons music, I did some YouTube searching and found THE PERFECT song I was looking for. It fit perfectly for the opening segment of the video so I was able to just grab it right off the internet.

As for the other song, it was a little more challenging. As I was making the video, there was this one song on my iPod that I knew would just be soooo perfect. The song is “3055” by Olafur Arnalds. Beautiful song. Check it out. So I knew I wanted to use this for the video, but it was always protected through rights. I sent a bunch of emails out to the publisher and writers of the song telling them basically what I needed and if it was doable. Eventually I got an email back from the publisher and they told me that we could form a contract for the song! I was ecstatic. I really wasn’t even expecting an answer back from these big time publishers so it was awesome to even get any kind of response. But now I’m concerned because they are going to want a royalty fee and I have zero budget. So I did a lot of negotiating with the company and we came up with the ultimate contract. Free use of the song for three years. Dream come true!

Okay that’s enough talking out of me. The video took me a long time to make and hey, I’m pretty proud of it!

If you have any feedback for the video please let me know! Always looking to improve.

And if you are over the internet and always wanted to know who I am, that’s my voice for the narration.